How to Secure a Business Loan: What Collateral Will Lenders Take?

For some business owners, they want bad credit guarantor loans in order to help their business. Business loans are not always easy to secure, even when you think you’re in good shape personally. Sometimes, there is a greater risk involved with a business loan simply because if the business goes bust and there is a bankruptcy involved, who will pay the lender? That is a real concern and that’s before bad credit comes into play! However, even if you don’t have bad credit, collateral might be required to secure a business loan, no matter the amount. How can you secure a business loan? Read on to find out what potential collateral lender might take today.

Vehicles and Expensive Equipment

First, if you have expensive office equipment or machinery that might prove to be valuable for a lender, it can be used as collateral. However, collateral isn’t going to be photocopiers or trivial items like that, especially if the loan covers tens of thousands of dollars. If you have expensive computers and machinery, however, it could be used as a viable source of collateral if the lender believes it’s worth their time to use it as collateral. What’s more, a vehicle might also be a good source of collateral, especially a new vehicle. Of course, a fancy sports car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars would certainly offer better collateral potential than a car worth a few thousand. Guarantor loans or secured loans often require expensive items to cover the lenders risk.

Clear Title and No Leans

However, in order to secure a business loan with collateral, the items you use as collateral must be clean and clear of any loans or leans. For instance, cars which are under finance are not collateral because technically the property doesn’t belong to the borrower; they’re still paying for it so the original car dealership can take back the car. What’s more, if expensive machinery isn’t fully paid for yet, it’s not worth collateral to the lender. Bad credit guarantor loans require good forms of collateral and nothing with a lean or loan already outstanding. Clear titles for vehicles are a must.

No Collateral, No Loan

Securing a business loan can be easy but you do need to ensure there are sufficient forms of collateral available. Having nothing of great value will make it very difficult for you to obtain your loan so you have to think about that before you go ahead and apply for a loan. It’s the same when it comes to guarantor loans, if your guarantor doesn’t have good credit; they are no good to you. It’s vital to ensure your collateral is yours and offering good value to the lender.

Secure a Loan Today

It can be a lot easier to secure a loan once you have collateral or a good guarantor on hand. Without these things, its difficult and sometimes you really need to be sure what you are offering is fair and reasonable. You can’t technically use a vehicle as collateral if it doesn’t belong to you or if it’s still under finance. Always think carefully before using something as collateral. Bad credit guarantor loans are great but again, they have to work for your situation.